Code Enforcement Complaint

Property Maintenance Complaints

You can Email Code Enforcement with a subject line of "nuisance complaint", and all of the information relevant to the case.  Below, we have provided a link with a complaint form that can be mailed to us or dropped off at our office. All complaints can be filed anonymously.

Please provide the following information in your correspondence:

  1. The exact address where the offense is occurring.
  2. When you first notice the offense.
  3. Try and be as descriptive as possible about the nuisance you see.
  4. State whether or not you would be willing to appear as a witness for the prosecution.
  5. Tell us if you would like us to touch base with you on the case’s status.
  6. Provide your name and contact information if you answered “yes” to questions #4 or #5.

Codes and Ordinances

View City of El Reno Codes and Ordinances.