Sewer Backup Guideline

The goal of the City of El Reno's Wastewater Department is to provide quality wastewater disposal service in a prompt, efficient and courteous manner to our customers. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, occasionally sewer backups do occur. If you have a sewer backup, please call City Hall at 262-4070. After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends & holidays call the Police Department 262-6941.

Service Calls

Upon notification of a sewer backup, a city crew will inspect the appropriate manholes to determine the cause of the blockage. The crew will perform routine maintenance on the city's line at that time, regardless of whether or not a blockage is found.


Liability for sewer backups can only be determined after a thorough investigation has been made following the filing of a (tort) claim. A Tort Claim can be obtained at City Hall located at 101 N. Choctaw, from the City Clerk's office, or by calling the City Clerk at 262-4070. Payment of denial of a claim is based on legal liability. Notice of prior or similar problems regarding a particular sewer line or negligence on the part of the city is necessary to impose liability.

Oklahoma case law has consistently held that a city is not an insurer of its sanitary sewer system, which means the city is not necessarily liable for a sewer backup

Contact El Reno Water and Wastewater Department

Chris Smith, Utilities Superintendent
(405)262-4070 option 9

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phone: (405)262-4070 option 9
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