Frequently Asked Questions



What happens if I can’t come to court at my set date and time?

You need to contact the Court Clerk’s office and consider the following options:

  1. Your court appearance can be rescheduled for a valid reason.
  2. You may pay the total amount due prior to the court date.
  3. If you are contesting the citation(s), you may plead not guilty and a trial date will be set.
What if I can’t pay by the court date?

You may speak to the Judge on your court date to make payment arrangements. Payment arrangements are no less than $50.00 per month unless otherwise stated by the Judge. 

What if I miss my scheduled payment date?

Unless you contact the Court Clerk’s office and arrangements have been made, a Failure to Appear (FTA) warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Do I need an attorney?

It is not necessary for an attorney to be present at Municipal Court. However, you may use your own discretion in this manner.