Am I in the network coverage area?

If you live inside city limits, you can sign up for El Reno FAST Connect by calling 405-776-6540.

Phase one construction has already begun. We will provide more information on upcoming phases soon.

Phase 1 Map:

Phase 1 Map

Advantages to ER Fast Connect

1- ER FAST Connected is managed by the City of El Reno, and that means we’re able to provide reliable, local service for you. No out-of-town companies or call centers - we are here to answer all your questions and provide fast service!

2 -The fiber network provides consistent coverage for customers and an unmetered connection means no unexpected costly data overage fees.

3- More bandwidth means everyone in your home can work or play without interruption. Companies can expect a solid, reliable connection for conducting business and hosting virtual meetings.

What kind of speeds can I expect?

The basic plan includes upload and download speeds of 250 Mbps, and we also offer 1, 2.5 and 5 gigabit plans.

How mch does ER FAST Connect Cost?

Residential and commercial broadband packages start at $65 a month for 250 Mbps. Additional pricing and packages can be found HERE. New customers can expect to pay a one-time installation fee of $100.

Customers interested in an additional Ethernet drop from the router can expect to pay $50 per drop.

Since ER FAST Connect is an unmetered fiber network, there are NO overage fees associated with the data connection.